What is The Galactic Factory?

These are the various worlds that make up the digital artistic tapestry of Itom. Graduate from Recording Workshop School of Music, Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Platt San Diego and a Bach. Degree in Media Arts from Art Institute Santa Monica with years experience in the professional fields of visual and audio work.

The strength of The Galactic Factory is bringing your imagination into the digital dimensions. Taking the idea and developing it to a complete picture with solid success from the puzzle pieces we co-create. CMS sites, security, eCommerce, social networking, WordPress customization with any graphics/branding to match your vision.

I worked for Hammer Filmworks in Hollywood creating trailers/video games,  Hay House for media production with audio/radio + motion graphics, W.I.S.H. / Sacred G doing graphics, web + 3D animation, Wave Code for geometry animation as well game apps, logos and branding for artists and business media.

In this moment my art is an adventure of bringing my imagination to life and opening portals for others vision to help create their artistic adventure. Professional experience with clients from independent artists to major names in business media.

Professional Imagination

There are galaxies of contracted jobs between and after the in house jobs I’ve had, with all that experience achieved my new creative mission was clear in my ability to freelance and work in almost anything. I went after artists and businesses I desired to work with in a passionate way. My referrals were coming in strong and my skills were growing largely to fit the perfect puzzle piece needed for the job. My current work title best fits as a digital strategist. Taking the vision and story to a full on reality for the creator to achieve total success.

It’s been an explosion of freelance opportunities after my previous work and they fractal out into many different forms of media. Navigating through the site will show some my favorite work I’ve accomplished. Lets create!