Professional Imagination

Bring your vision to the world.

Digital Strategy

We’ll identify the goals, opportunities and aspects of your business to create a conscious strategy for your ideal audience. Navigating the possibilities for a professional user experience. Lets make your dream fully lucid.

Mobile Responsive Design

Web design aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading & navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices.

Graphic Design

Logo concepts, branding and customizing web layouts to match your vibe. From pencil sketches and ideas to recreating your existing style for awesome online presence.

3D Modeling & Animation

Lets take it to the next dimension! We can go full on 3D with your concepts to bring a more interactive experience with your videos, logo and/or web interface from modeling to animation.

eCommerce Solutions

Bring your products to the world online with eCommerce. Online stores for physical products or digital media with customized designs fully integrated on your site.

Nirvana Tea Lounge


Danny Carey

Logo Design
3D Graphics
Web Design

Prism Code

3D App Game Design.
Geometric interactivity.
Motion Graphics.

3D Logos

3D Logo recreation for Wobble.


Online Store

Zen Design

Balanced and mindful visual design for dynamic beautiful layouts. Fearless in my adventure of creation and excitement in its moment of revealing.

Light It Up

Let your passionate business adventure or artistic expression shine with strategic development. This is the eternal moment in the making.

Lucid Development

Expanding beyond the idea with integrity into conscious business. Your vision takes on the potential of developing awesomeness at The Galactic Factory.